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Full Color Display

Full Color Display

The Sandel SN3308 XP packs the essential features of an EFIS nav display into a standard three-inch instrument, at a fraction of the cost of a full EFIS. By combining the functions of an HSI, an RMI, a moving map and a Stormscope® display into one instrument, the SN3308 ties together the critical elements of situational awareness. And by adding to that a 3-light marker beacon and GPS annunciator displays, the SN3308 becomes the virtual equivalent of an EFIS nav display, sized and priced for GA cockpits.

Get High-Resolution Mapping

Airspace Display

With its impressive performance and features, the SN3308 also raises the bar in display technology. Using an advanced display technology developed for the newest generation of avionics simulation, the SN3308’s bright, high-contrast screen gives you incredible readability at any displayed size.

Full-color moving map supporting GPS-supplied waypoints, heading, bearing pointers for VOR and ADF,DME display and marker beacons.

An HSI, an RMI and a Stormscope® display

Exclusive Reality XP Stormscope® Simulation

Graphical bearing pointers and digital bearings supplied for any selected navigation source. Dynamic data tags show fixes and waypoints. MEM feature allows you to pre-configure two separate situational views and toggle between them with a single keystroke. Now with the unique Reality XP Stormscope® Simulation working with Flight Simulator weather simulation, get the maximum situational awarness.

Easy Gauge Configuration

Sandel SN3308 XP Config software designed to configure and manage your Reality Sandel SN3308 XP gauge settings with a user-friendly interface and powerful configuration options. Easily change the type and rendering options for your gauges with your mouse.

In addition, quickly add a popup window to any panel.

Sandel SN3308 XP Config