Customer Stories


"I am thrilled you did this gauge-nice to be able to test it out and before deciding whether to spend $10,000 on a real one."

Geoffrey, Commercial Multi Engine Pilot

"Flying the Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP is virtually indistinguishable from flying the actual Sandel SN3308. The features are accurate, the colors are true, and all the functions work! Who needs a real plane with this kind of quality?"

Sue, Sandel SN3308 Owner and Pilot

"Just wanted to write you personally and tell you how much I enjoy your New Gauge. I cannot see how you could make the SN3308 more perfect than it is. It is truly wonderful and its not just a toy for me but (I imagine) a very good tool for those that really do fly. I hope you have a great since of satisfaction in this product because it truly deservers any and all accolades it receives."

Dennis Waggoner

"Firstly let me thank you for such a great gauge! It makes the Dreamfleet A36 simply the best of the best. I'm very impressed with the features the SN3308 gives and it's incredible how well you have simulated all that. I made an IFR flight in VATSIM yesterday with the A36 and everything went nicely."

Georg Liigang, Reality XP forums, June 2005