Reality XP RealTime Training™

Bridging the gap between Video Game and PC-based Simulation

The use of flight simulation devices as learning tools for aviation training is well established — particularly in the training of commercial pilots and airline flight crew. The emphasis within this field has largely been on sophisticated and costly cockpit simulators that provide high-fidelity, highly-immersive learning environments

Our vision and leadership bring user oriented solutions to address customer challenges. Growing our unique expertise with our simTainment™ products, Reality XP is making these powerful components available for solutions beyond entertainment in a very consistent move toward using serious games as training tools.

Our Solutions

Reality XP RealTime Training™ was created to challenge the current limits of simulation, training techniques and capabilities, in order to meet the needs of industries and markets that face the challenges with knowledge retention required for the performance of critical tasks. The company provides specialized tools and professional services focused on the use of real-time simulation platforms for the development of training solutions that extension of mission rehearsal concepts.

Reality XP combines expertise from the traditional training and simulation industry with novel approaches developed in the gaming industry to provide RealTime Training™


Does Game-Based Learning Work?