What is simTainment™?

The use of flight simulation devices as learning tools for aviation training is well established. At Reality XP, we believe that with the rapid emergence of the personal computer and the Internet, the computing power to run reasonably sophisticated simulation software has become available and continues to grow. Feature-rich simulation software and compatible hardware devices have become prevalent, providing the general public with low-cost access to flight experiences

In offering a cost-effective end-user simulation and training experience using the same technologies and sophisticated simulations best-practices we develop for professional training, at an entertainment price-point, we introduce our simTainment™ product line.

Beyond Gauge Simulation: what makes Reality XP Solutions so unique?

Our solutions are designed to offer a faithful and complete simulation of real avionics, and a best-in-class user experience with innovative and advanced user interfaces and feature sets.

Because Gauge Simulation is more than look and feel, and is also about integration with other Avionics in the panel, Reality XP developed unmatched technologies to connect and interface its solutions to any other Flight Simulator gauge and aircraft.

Tailored to your need

Because not all our customers are fluent in Flight Simulator files and configurations, every product comes with a sophisticated Configuration Application that permits configuring our Avionics Simulation Solutions with any aircraft panel with a simple Graphical User Interface.

Because there are as many needs as there are users, every product comes with an comprehensive number of configuration and personalization options, all configurable with the Configuration Application with a mouse-driven interface.

Committed to your satisfaction

Our commitment to your satisfaction continues long after you've taken your product home. If you have problems, concerns or questions about your Reality XP product, we’re available to assist you. Our professionally trained Customer Services representatives will assist our customers with a personalized technical support.

Reality XP customers can also reach, help and be part of a strong community of customers and partners with our online forums, and a Community web site.

Development Best Practices

Reality XP Solutions are carefully engineered with a leading edge professional development team at the fore-front of software and computer graphics technologies. Building upon the latest software development best practices in C++, our products are offering the most complete feature set of their class in the market and the unmatched performance and reliability our customers demand, beyond what the Flight Simulator SDK (Software Development Kit) permits.

A Clear Advance in Technology

Reality XP invests in research and development and has pioneered the advanced True Display XP™ vector drawing API which drives our simulation symbol generators and gives our EFIS products their superior display accuracy level, vivid color, smooth and precise elements and needles movements.

First featured in 2003 and never surpassed with competing GDI+ based products, True Display XP™ has been welcomed with rave reviews from the press and customers. In short, this is the most extraordinary technology to fully recreate not only the look-and-fell of actual CRT/LCD based EFIS systems, but it also is so precise that for the first time, you can hand-fly the F/D (Flight Director) and ILS approaches better than with any PC based simulation.

Reality XP Simulation

Reality XP is a leading provider of Avionics Simulations and Solutions for the aviation training market. Reality XP provides leading edge training and simulation solutions for consumers, professionals and businesses. As a training provider, Reality XP builds on its leading edge technology, expertise and partnerships to assist businesses and individuals for their training needs, and to offer computer-based product familiarization and training programs.