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Technical support cannot answer questions already answered in our forums or website. For fast answers to most questions, please visit the:

Reality XP Official Support Forum Reality XP Knowledge Base

The Reality XP Support Forum is a great place to find information or seek help from the global community of users and product experts. We recommend you first visit our forums and use the search function. Most of the technical support issues are already answered in the forums.

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The following links are provided to help you understand and use the software wrapper system:

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Reality XP’s Technical Support philosophy is to provide you with higher standards service. We also have one of the best trained Technical Support staffs in the business, so that you almost always get an answer to your question right on the spot.

We are doing our best to answer all messages quickly. You can send us request for assistance (languages supported: English, French). Please make sure that you indicate the product name and version number. Also, providing as much detail as possible will help us to answer your question more quickly.

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