product information

  • What is Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP?

    • Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP™ software is the industry-leading EFIS nav display combining the functions of an HSI, an RMI, a moving map and a Stormscope® display into one instrument, that enables users to realistically fly with Flight Simulator.
  • What are the key new features and benefits of Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP?

    • Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP has a wide range of new features that enable greater realism and integration with Flight Simulator aircraft. Specific new features include full-color moving map supporting GPS-supplied waypoints, heading, bearing pointers for VOR and ADF,DME display and marker beacons.
  • Who should use Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP?

    • Both casual Flight Simulator gamers and advanced simmers should use Sandel SN3308 XP.
  • How does Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP integrate with other Reality XP products?

    • Sandel SN3308 XP integrates and runs alongside any other Reality XP product.
  • How does Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP integrate with other aircraft?

    • Sandel SN3308 XP integrates with any Flight Simulator aircraft panel. Compliant with the Flight Simulator gauge Software Development Kit (SDK), the gauges easily fit and/or replace existing gauges, in the main panel, a popup window or the virtual cockpit (VC).
  • Does Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP fully support the new Windows Vista operating system?

    • The latest Windows Vista operating system is not officially supported at this time.

Pricing and purchasing information

  • How much does Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP cost?

    • The estimated street price for Reality XP Sandel SN3308 XP is $19.95 USD, excluding applicable taxes and shipping. You can purchase Sandel SN3308 XP directly from Reality XP. To order directly from Reality XP, visit the Reality XP Store online.
  • Do you offer volume licensing?

    • At this time, Reality XP does not provides flexible volume software licensing plans for the Flight Simulator products. Volume licensing plans are available for our professional products.
  • Which Reality XP products are available at special prices for education customers?

    • We do not offer prices for education customers at this time. Education customers prices are available for our professional products.

Support information

  • What is product activation?

    • Product activation is an interactive interpretation of the licensing agreement that has always existed between Reality XP and its customers. The activation process authenticates licensed users without hindering their ability to use the software the way they have always done. It requires a series of simple, quick, anonymous steps upon product installation. Just as creative professionals use watermarks to protect their intellectual property, Reality XP is using activation as a way to curtail unlicensed copying of its products.

      Reality XP's activation process is required for all products. Visit the Product Activation Center to learn more about activation.