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"Reality XP is one of a select group of developers who have specialized in programming ‘instruments’ for Flight Simulator and they have quickly established a reputation for high quality gauges that put the competition to shame. Compared to standard offerings, Reality XP instruments are clearer, more sophisticated and much, much smoother. These gauges are well worth the money."


"the 430/530XP gauges by Reality XP are in a class by themselves. In many ways the Reality XP gauges deserve a Five Star rating... they clearly have set a new standard in gauge design and are a “must have” for any serious Flight Simmer."

Bert Pieké, AVSIM Sr Staff Reviewer
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"Reality XP is to sim avionics what Breitling is to watches. To be honest, that's actually doing them a disservice - their avionics packages are good enough to be used as integrated packages for real-world aviation training. The feature list of the Flightline 530 is staggering and the manual superb. That's a bargain by anybody's standards."


"The GNS 530XP is a great add-on for any VFR or IFR aircraft. It provides a lot of help in IFR flights and is also quick to learn. In my opinion this is an absolute must-have for everyone who gladly value more accurate avionics sets. I give this marvelous add-on 9.5 stars!"

Nico Hoffmann
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"I was extremely impressed by the level of realism that this GPS achieves whilst still being easy to control with the mouse. Running in the background is Garmin's own trainer, which is acting as a sort of GPS engine for this gauge so authenticity is guaranteed. Reality XP have done an outstanding job with this gauge and are to be congratulated."


"As far as I can see, the GNS 530 emulates every single mode found on the real instrument. Given that the 530 is probably the most complex piece of general aviation avionics available anywhere, I didn't manage to test all the modes, but I ran through as many as I could and they all behaved as the book said they should, which is incredible."

Andrew Herd

"Reality XP's Garmin GNS530 navigator works exactly like the real thing."

James Webb, AVSIM Reviewer

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