Customer Stories


"Your Garmin GNS WAAS 530 add-on for FSX is a significant addition to flight safety. Pilots like me can safely learn the hidden intricacies of these complex GPS navigators, by trying dozens of different airport simulated approaches at different airports, that would be difficult and expensive to get any other way."

Gordon Hughes, June 2010

"Great product. Just did my instrument currency check and impressed the instructor with the depth of my knowledge on the 430....thanks in great part to your wonderful product. An IPC usually takes about 4-5 hours with an instructor and plane at a cost of about $1,000. Thanks to your product, I completed mine in 2 hours. Thanks for saving me $500!"

Doug Wells, Reality XP forums, July 2008

"this product rocks; so nice not to be burning AVGAS while trying to figure out the intricacies of the Garmin units."

Chris, Reality XP forums, July 2008

"I'm using the GNS 530 with the Digital Aviation Cheyenne X as a replacement for the interesting but somewhat buggy Trimble GPS installed in that aircraft. The combination works quite well, and the GNS 530 is great fun to play with - I'm amazed at the level of detail in your simulation, I almost forget it isn't the real thing (and to me that's really the whole point of flight simulation)."

Tom, Reality XP forums, June 2008

"These units are an awesome training aid. There are two 430s in the real world aircraft I fly. Unfortunately I don't find the time to fly often enough and inevitably I forget some of the features. Now I'll keep those Garmin skills sharp all the time."


"I teach a GNS 430 class for my flying club. I essentially put 30 pilots in the "back seat" equipped with a Reality XP 430 to demonstrate basic VFR and advanced IFR GNS 430 operations. I have received a lot of very positive feedback from the pilots who have attended the class and I have no doubt that this training has increased the margin of safety for anyone who uses the GNS 430. So I wanted you to know that you have done a fantastic job and are making the skies safer for many pilots."

Brad Freeman

"I would like to commend you on the outstanding contribution you’ve made with your Garmin GNS 430 simulator — it’s simply outstanding. It has been a great help to me in my FAA Commercial license training, along with MS Flight Simulator 2004, as this very closely resembles the exact avionics configuration that we have in our Piper Arrow III."

Dan Purcell