How to Buy Reality XP Software and Products

Thank you for your interest in Reality XP software and products. We have many available options to make your purchase as simple as possible.

Purchasing Online

Reality XP is offering its products using the's e-commerce software wrapper. The system allows products to be delivered to you through a secure, convenient, and easy to use system of distribution that allows you immediate access to your software. The system was specifically designed to give you self-manageable access to your software.

You can purchase Reality XP software and upgrades at our online store.

Purchasing by Mail, Fax or phone

You can order Reality XP software by completing an order form and mailing or faxing your information to us. Before sending the order form it is necessary that you first find the current price of the product. To mail or fax your order to Reality XP:

  1. Visit the Reality XP online store to find the current price of the product
  2. Contact our e-commerce partner for a mail order
  3. or offers a toll-free phone line for sales and non-technical support (customer service) issues. You may call 1-877-727-4568 from Monday through Friday from 9-5 EST