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"Reality XP is one of a select group of developers who have specialized in programming ‘instruments’ for Flight Simulator and they have quickly established a reputation for high quality gauges that put the competition to shame. Compared to standard offerings, Reality XP instruments are clearer, more sophisticated and much, much smoother. These gauges are well worth the money."

Fs Hungary

"Reality XP has devoted countless hours to make sure that the features out-weight the expectations. I was very impressed with what the combination of the Jetline 2 and WX500 had to offer and have turned a simple default aircraft into an excellent performer with just the addition of two of the items available to the flight simulation community. With devoted developers and excellent support we look forward to seeing more advanced avionics coming from folks at Reality XP for many years to come."

Nick Preston
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"A quality add-on (and a Flight Simulator first!). The Wx500 does an astonishing job of modeling the types of radar returns you're likely to encounter in real flying. Remarkably, the Wx500 has only a marginal effect on frame rates, despite all the calculations going on in the background and the obvious work entailed in rendering the Bendix King IN-2026A instrument in your cockpit. This unit is more than just an animated gauge that pretends to show the weather around you; it's a complex package that succeeds in interacting dynamically with Flight Simulator and weather you've downloaded or created as a backdrop for your flights. The Wx500 emulates a popular real-world weather radar system and its behavior with remarkable precision."


"What weather radar does do is let you spot the really bad stuff and on the basis of my short acquaintance with it, the Wx500 appears to be capable of doing exactly that in Flight Simulator, which is fairly outstanding. I haven't looked at it for long, but all I can say is that it is one of the most exciting developments I have seen in a while and if it turns out to be as good as it looks at first sight, it may prove to be a huge hit for Reality XP."

Andrew Herd
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