Customer Stories


"I configured the Lear 45 and the Citation X with your radar. The flights were with real-time weather at Los Angeles International (KLAX), and the radar replicated the weather beautifully, as seen by the Intellicast Weather Radar for the California Coast. I have over 1,500 hours flying the Citation X and find the products that are for Flight Simulator to be incredibly realistic. My hats off to each of you who make it a point to provide such fine products. I am looking forward to additional enhancements from your company."

Jim Wilkerson, ATP

"I just bought it for my Pilatus PC-12, so now that radome on the right wingtip is actually doing something. Great product."

Tom, Reality XP forums, January 2008

"I am enjoying (learning and) retro-fitting GNS530, both Sandels, and WX500 to both freeware and payware planes and flying them with their new capabilities thereafter."

Steve, Reality XP forums, January 2006

"Get the WX500 if you want a weather radar. It's a great gauge."

Bert, Reality XP forums, December 2005

"I jus bought Wx500. I am very impressed with the my new weather Radar. That is what I found in two days of using Wx500: No impact with frame rates found using PMDG737 and AS2004 with Wx500. It integrates very well, and the PC resources are not affected!"

Dirk Trotteyn, Reality XP forums, February 2004