Customer Stories


"Yesterday the Sandel ST3400 saved my virtual life and showed me its great value. I was flying in Peru in the valleys of the Andes mountains. First the weather was clear, but suddenly the weather changed and I found myself in thick clouds between the mountains. In the past this happened before and then I tried climb out above the clouds or descent so close to the ground that I could see the terrain. Both solutions where dangerous because I could fly into the ground every moment. But this time, there was no problem at all. The only thing I had to do was following my way through the valley and keeping the airplane in the green or black area. This is really a superb instrument!"

Arjen, Reality XP forums, October 2005

"I just purchased the ST3400 after beeing tempted by the pictures and by the Sandel SN3308. As I am from Austria (a lot of Alpine mountains) I had a lot of fun testing it. Works great(I learn now that I need a better terrain mesh). Very nice work, I am convinced to do the right thing to pay for my first gauge ever."

Thunder100 , Reality XP forums, October 2005

"This thread started with "Apollo and Aerosoft Beaver topic", but with the new ST3400 I cant resist to create a new one more specific. I love this new add on, it´s amazing! I hope that you will enjoy the ST34000 as much as me...a great companion for the WX radar and the Beaver."

Mario, Reality XP forums, September 2005