Customer Stories


"I love the Jetline 2 and Jetline 4 together with the Garmin GNS, since they are a fantastic addon for any aircraft without a good navigation display and really improve a lot of panels."

Leo, Reality XP forums, April 2005

"Well, I purchased Jetline 2 for my B1900D and all I can say is...Awsome! Jetline 4 will be next, followed by the Garmin GNS GPS and Weather Radar. Excellent product!"

Alvins, Reality XP forums, June 2004

"I have both Jetline 2 and Jetline 4 installed. The Jetline 2 is used in a C441/PMDG-B1900 and the Jetline 4 in the CitationX. There is no conflict whatsoever that I have been able to detect. Like you, I purchased the Jetline 2 package first and then later the Jetline 4 package. The Jetline 4 makes the CitationX a real pleasure to operate especially the way it has been retrofitted."

Mike, Reality XP forums, June 2004