Customer Stories


"Today i made my changes to Mooney panel. I added Jetline 2, Wx500 and Garmin GNS 530 avionics into the panel. All works fine, and my flights are now more realistic. BIG! Thank you for RealityXP for their great products"

Toni Hiltunen, Reality XP forums, November 2007

"I bought the RealityXP Jetline 2 based on recommendations from the avsim site. I installed it, I ran the "Jetline 2 config" program, selected the "Beechcraft King Air 350 Panel". Then I tried a flight. The two gauges look great."

BrooklineTom, Reality XP forums, October 2006

"You have to stop coming out with such great products. I just purchased the B1900D from PMDG and of course I had to get the Jetline 2 Avionics and the new Wx500 Weather Radar of course. It is great that you are partnered up with some the best names in flightsim and are producing such fine addons. This is only good news for the flightsim community."

Richard Rowe, Reality XP forums, February 2004