Customer Stories


"Fantastic. I just purchased Flightline T using paypal. First impressions: I'm lost for words, it's just so smooth and they look amazing. Great work! I've only tried it in the Mooney so far, but tonight I'm going to add them to most of my planes."

Matt, Reality XP forums, May 2008

"Having recently bought Flightline T and N for Flight Simulator X. I installed them into my favourite General Aviation airplane the Carenado C-182RG II using FS Panel Studio for Flight Simulator X. Everything went very smoothly and the gauges are great as expected from Reality XP."

Glen, Reality XP forums, April 2008

"I've got the new gauges working in the default Cessna 172 and they look great and are smoother than a baby's bottom."

Bert, Reality XP forums, October 2007

"I just started using the Flightline T products, and was completely blown away. I do a lot of panel editing, and one of my biggest problems was finding airspeed indicators that displayed the correct v-speeds. I was just about to resign myself to learning how to program my own gauges. But, being able to custom-configure the IAS with the config program is amazing! Awesome guys!!! The first plane I used it on was a Seneca, which has a VNE of 217. Being able to add the red and blue lines for VYSE and VMC makes it all better."

CRJ200Pilot, Reality XP forums, March 2006

"I'm just getting to grips with great Flightline T gauges and am very impressed, was really impressed lastnight to turn the default/RealAir Cessna 172 into a nice looking cockpit."

Marc, Reality XP forums, December 2005

"I just purchased Reality XP Flightline T gauges. Along with those I also have Reality XP’s 530 & 430. I seem to have everything running great. I have the Garmin GNS 530 and 430 combo in the center stack and all of the Flightline T gauges are perfect."

aca_dia, Reality XP forums, December 2005