Customer Stories


"To who worked on the upgraded Flight Simulator X Flightline T and Flightline N packages. I forgot how much I missed these gauges since installing FSX. It's like finding an old long lost friend. I've got all the aircraft I want to modify done, and it's time to go flying."

Brian, Reality XP forums, October 2007

"Thanks, for making the FLT and FLN available for FSX. I missed them very much."

Arjen, Reality XP forums, October 2007

"I flew an NDB approach into Friday Harbor (KFHR) in Washington State. The new gauges worked great! If I get some time, I plan to make a panel mod for the Carenado 182 with just the Flightline N and T gauges, without any GPS. Following VORs and ADFs only should be a lot of fun with the new Flightline N."

kerosene31, Reality XP forums, May 2006

"What I fell in love with for the first sight are the new ADF and RMI gauges. I really like the way the needle now wanders around a bit making it much more closer to the real thing that those ultra precise ADF we usually see in Flight Simulator."

Zdenek, Reality XP forums, May 2006

"So, this is a kudos post for the Flightline N gauges - I love them, they are great...even at night! Thanks again for another great set of gauges."

Gridley, Reality XP forums, May 2006