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Reality XP sets new standard for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004

Reality XP – defines Fluid and Photorealistic!

(November 22nd, 2005) – Montreal, QC CANADA. Reality XP releases its new Avionics Simulations, the Flight Line T! Reality XP’s unique expertise brings a new dimension to traditional gauges in offering the smoothest gauges on the market, as well as the most realistic simulation of mechanical gauges.

TrueGauge XP™ is a technology offering a higher level of accuracy, smoothness and precision than the 3D modeled gauge approach, while allowing the gauge to be rendered in the Virtual Cockpit, the 2D panel, a popup window or a second monitor!

Flight Line T includes a set of 24 analogue gauges covering the traditional “T-Stack” gauges as found in any “non-glass” aircraft with the following features:

  • Bendix King KI256 ADI.
  • Bendix King KI525 HSI.
  • Bendix King KA51 Gyro Slaving Unit.
  • Airspeed Indicators (4 types).
  • Altitude Indicators (3 types).
  • Attitude Indicators (3 types).
  • Directional Gyro (4 types).
  • Turn Coordinator (3 types).
  • Vertical Speed Indicator (4 types).
  • Support for any third-party aircraft lighting system in both the 2D and the virtual cockpit.
  • Highly accurate needle position and precision on the gauge scales.
  • High resolution Photo-realistic gauges bitmaps. (original photos courtesy of Dreamfleet:

TrueGauge XP™ is the leading technology from Reality XP exclusively engineered for simulation of mechanical gauges. With our proven track record of offering the highest standards in simulation Reality XP sets the bar again with mechanical gauges simulation.

About Reality XP: The Avionics Simulation Company

Reality XP is one of the leading providers of Avionics Simulators and Solutions for the general and business aviation training market. As a training provider, Reality XP builds on its leading edge technology, expertise and partnerships to assist businesses and individuals for their training needs, and to offer computer-based product familiarization and training programs. Our flagship products are the Flight Line 530XP™, the Flight Line Wx500™ and the Flight Line ST3400™.

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