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Reality XP sets new standard for Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004

For the first time a true Weather Radar is available for Flight Simulator.

(February 4, 2003) – Montreal, QC CANADA. Reality XP announced the release of its new offering for Flight Simulator 2004, a Century of Flight. The highly anticipated Flight Line Wx500 integrates with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 to provide an ultra realistic simulation of an Onboard Weather Radar. At first sight, you will love the Flight Line Wx500: with its authentic photorealistic look and slick design, it retrofits any aircraft with its included EZConfig application.

Offering a real time picture of various weather related parameters, the Flight Line Wx500 is invaluable for tactical weather situation awareness and avoidance, and the ideal solution to complement any Nexrad type of weather radar. The Flight Line Wx500 Weather Radar delivers comprehensive weather detection capability. With its superior weather display you get the time you need to select the smoothest, most-efficient routes around dangerous weather systems.  Some amazing and unique features are Gain Control, Radar Beam Tilt angle, WX, WXA and MAP mode, WAC (Weather Attenuation Compensation), Radar Ground Clutter echoes* and Radar Shadow from heavy water bodies.

As a simulation and training device to get accustomed to, and introduced to, on board weather radar avionics and radar technology, the Flight Line Wx500 is the only available off-the-shelf simulation to train on interpretation of weather radar imagery and to build decision making mindset in terms of Weather Avoidance.

For the first time a true weather radar is available for Flight Simulator. The new technology proved to reliably detect the clouds and water bodies position and actually distinguish between the several types. Modeled from the actual simulated weather conditions and clouds in Flight Simulator 2004, the Flight Line Wx500 provides the best radar picture for the outside weather conditions, including the influence of Flight Simulator cumulonimbus and heavy cumulus per their location and strength as they can actually be seen through the windshield. The Flight Line Wx500 is compatible with any weather source and third party weather engine: metar based, downloaded real weather, weather themes and customized weather settings.

Flight Line WX500 does not require FSUIPC.

Pricing and Availability

For more information, consult the Reality XP Web Site at Flight Line WX500 is available at a special, time limited, introductory price.

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