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Reality XP sets new standard for Microsoft® Flight Simulator

Reality XP – Jet Line Avionics, Jet Line 2 and Jet Line 4 new offering now released.

(May 20, 2003) – Montreal, QC CANADA. Reality XP announced the release its new offering Flight Displays. Jet Line Avionics is offered as a comprehensive package of three products and featuring the most innovative technologies for a true to life simulation experience! The new offering integrates with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 to provide an ultra realistic simulation of the modern EFIS and FMS systems as found in modern business jets and retrofitted turbo props. The new Reality XP avionics simulator delivers enhanced realism and provides a solid training aid.

“We are very excited to offer the first two products of the most comprehensive set of avionics for the Flight Simulation Industry” said Jean-Luc Dupiot, President of Reality XP. “Jet Line Avionics is geared to retrofit any aircraft in the regional and trans-continental transport segment. Built with our strong Avionics expertise and True Display XP, our unique display technology, you can rest assured that Jet Line Avionics is made for you!”

Jet Line Avionics includes:

  • Jet Line 2: featuring an EADI, an EFIS with moving map and an RTU (Radio Tuning Unit)
  • Jet Line 4: featuring an EADI, an EFIS with moving map, an EICAS and a dual RTU.
  • Jet Line C: featuring an advanced HUD (Head up Display) and an industry standard simulation of an FMS (Flight Management System).


All the products which are fully integrated with the default FS GPS, the Flight Line Avionics Apollo and the Flight Line 530XP, also feature a complete and accurate rendition of an industry standard GPWS Mark V (Jet Line 4 only) and TCAS II v6.x. Backed with a strong community of users and developers, a SDK and the quality of Reality XP products, the Jet Line will be your Avionics Line of choice!

Pricing and Availability
For more information, consult the Reality XP Web Site at Jet Line 2 and Jet Line 4 are now available at a special introductory price. Jet Line C under development will be released later. Existing customers of the Jet Line 2 or Jet Line 4 will be granted a discounted price for a Jet Line C upgrade with enhanced displays. Jet Line 2 is also available as a free trial, with a reduced feature set.

About Reality XP: The Avionics Simulation Company

Reality XP is one of the leading provider of Avionics Simulators and Solutions for the general and business aviation training market. As a training provider, Reality XP builds on its leading edge technology, expertise and partnerships to assist businesses and individuals for their training needs, and to offer computer-based product familiarization and training programs. Our flagship products are Flight Line Avionics Apollo™ and Flight Line 530 XP™.

Reality XP can be found on the World Wide Web at: