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Reality XP sets new standard for Microsoft® Flight Simulator

Reality XP – More than 42 new features for FS2002 and FS2004 free!

(August 11, 2003) – Montreal, QC CANADA. Reality XP announced the release of its full product line upgrade. With a unique offering in Simulated Avionics, Reality XP builds on its leadership in Aviation Training and enhances the feature set of its award winning and highly acclaimed products with more than 42 new features and enhancements. Ranging from cross GPS functions between the Garmin GNS530 and the Apollo GX50, an automatic integration of the GPS line with the Jet Line series of products, and the support for keyboard-shortcuts, the Reality XP products have no match in the industry. With the addition of a newly designed graphics engine and Garmin Trainer program handling code, the Reality XP Flight Line 530XP is simply the fastest, the more robust and the best featured and supported Garmin Simulation for the Flight Simulator platform.

 “Our latest upgrade release shows our commitment to our customers” said Jean-Luc Dupiot, President of Reality XP. “More than 1 year after its first introduction, the Apollo is a strong product, and with the cross GPS functions which links the Garmin and the Apollo, it is becoming an even more interesting choice for our customers, especially with the special discount we continue to offer this summer when purchasing the Apollo/Garmin bundle. Our new GNS530 version sets a new standard of innovation and quality with a completely reworked code. It simply runs as smooth as, or better, than any comparable Flight Simulator Gauge, and the Garmin Trainer Program which it runs with, is now controlled to free the computing power back to Flight Simulator! With a strong commitment to quality, and as proven with our track record and our products, including the Meridian gauges and avionics, our products and customer service is of the higher standards available, and we have the chance to be able to devote 100% of our time not to solve bugs, but to add new features. This is the best we can offer to our customer as a company!”

With the release of its full product line upgrade, Reality XP also officially announces that all customers of its Flight Simulator 2002 product line will receive a free Flight Simulator 2004 upgrade.


Pricing and Availability
For more information, consult the Reality XP Web Site at Flight Line Avionics Apollo and Flight Line 530XP Garmin are available in a special bundle offer during summer 2003.


About Reality XP: The Avionics Simulation Company

Reality XP is one of the leading provider of Avionics Simulators and Solutions for the general and business aviation training market. As a training provider, Reality XP builds on its leading edge technology, expertise and partnerships to assist businesses and individuals for their training needs, and to offer computer-based product familiarization and training programs. Our flagship products are Flight Line Avionics Apollo™ and Flight Line 530 XP™.

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