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Reality XP sets new standard for Microsoft® Flight Simulator

Reality XP – UPS Aviation Technologies alliance delivers innovative avionics systems for
the Flight Simulation Industry.

(Feb. 28, 2002) –Montreal, QC CANADA. Reality XP announced today that it has reached an
agreement with UPS Aviation Technologies to develop an avionics simulation product to deliver
cutting edge technology, performance and realism. The new offering integrates with Microsoft
Flight Simulator 2002 to provide an ultra-realistic simulation of the UPS Aviation Technologies
Apollo GX and SlimLine series of avionics products. The new Reality XP avionics simulator
delivers enhanced realism, providing a solid training aid for users of the UPS Aviation
Technologies avionics line. Built with discriminating pilots in mind, the Flight Line series of
products are unequaled in providing the features, level of performance and reliability that flight
simulation users require.

“With the latest release of Flight Simulator 2002, the simulation of a flight in a realistically
reproduced environment has reached new heights” Said Jean-Luc Dupiot, President of Reality
XP. “It has never been so real…almost… With our Flight Line Avionics product, exclusively
available for Flight Simulator 2002, we are providing the virtual pilot the same modern equipment
real pilots use on actual aircraft. From the very first experience, the user will know that the Flight
Line Avionics is superior to other simulation products. The fidelity of the simulation is nothing
short of amazing,” he said.

UPS Aviation Technologies is pleased to support the Reality XP product,” said Sam Seery,
director of Sales and Marketing for the Salem, Ore. based avionics manufacturer. The product’s
ability to simulate the real-world workings of avionics systems is so good that we suspect many
pilots who operate our equipment will acquire the Reality XP product for training purposes.

Flight Line Avionics is modeled after the UPS Aviation Technologies GX GPS and SlimLine
navigation and communication avionics. The simulator includes a four-unit radio stack containing
an advanced GPS, a next-generation Nav / Comm. radio, a Mode A/C Transponder and an Audio

Pricing and Availability
The Reality XP Flight Line Avionics will soon be available to download for Flight Simulator 2002.
For more information, consult the Reality XP Web Site at

About Reality XP
Reality XP is a company focused in designing quality products for the Flight Simulation Industry.
With its first release, the Flight Line Avionics, the company’s vision is: “more than hobby, it is a

passion” The company can be found on the World Wide Web at: