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Reality XP sets new standard for Microsoft® Flight Simulator

Reality XP – Garmin Ltd agreement delivers innovative GPS Training Tool for the Flight Simulation Industry.

(December 26, 2002) – Montreal, QC CANADA. Reality XP announced today that it has reached an agreement with Garmin Ltd to offer a cutting edge rendition of the GNS530 GPS, the world’s finest panel-mounted IFR navigation/communication system! The new offering integrates with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 to provide an ultra realistic simulation of the GNS530 GPS product. The new Reality XP avionics simulator delivers enhanced realism, providing a solid training aid and will be featured as standard equipment in the upcoming Flight1’s Piper Meridian.

“We are excited to offer this cutting edge training aid and navigation system as standard equipment to the Flight1’s Meridian” said Jean-Luc Dupiot, President of Reality XP. “Our new solution is based upon the Garmin Trainer Program and offers an unprecedented level of realism and integration to the virtual pilot. Built with discriminating pilots in mind and following our high quality standards, we wanted to offer not only one of the finest rendition of one of the finest IFR navigation and communication system, but we also wanted it to be totally integrated within the simulated IFR environment. Our simulated equipment will be offered as standard equipment of the Flight1’s Meridian and is coupled with the Autopilot and the EHSI. We are truly excited to announce our new offering at an unmatched competitive price!”

Pricing and Availability
The Reality XP Simulation of the GNS530 will be offered as standard equipment to the upcoming Flight1’s Piper Meridian. For more information, consult the Reality XP Web Site at and the Flight1 Web Site at . For the promotional Meridian Special Discount Offer toward the Flight Line Avionics, consult

About Reality XP
Reality XP is a company focused on designing quality products for the Flight Simulation Industry.
The release of the Flight Line Avionics package confirms our company’s vision, “To produce the highest quality avionic packages available for Flight Simulation.”

“It is More Than a Hobby, It is a Passion”

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