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Reality XP sets new standard for Microsoft® Flight Simulator

Reality XP Flight Line Avionics sets new standards in simulated avionics.

(June. 25, 2002) –Montreal, QC CANADA. Reality XP announced today that its highly acclaimed and popular Flight Line Avionics, the only solution of its class to provide an accurate rendition of the features of the real Avionics suite from UPS Aviation Technologies, is setting again new standards with version 1.2

”There is simply no other add-on like Flight Line Avionics!” said Jean-Luc Dupiot, President of Reality XP. “We are excited from the positive feedback all of our customers have expressed directly and on the online forums. We have never expected nor anticipated such a praise and have accordingly extended our product line to reach the broad expression of satisfaction our customers require. From the fast and courteous customer services and technical support, the quality of our product line, and breakthrough innovations such as Special Use Airspace in our GPS, we truly are proud to take your flying experience to new heights.”

Flight Line Avionics v1.2 is the latest edition of our Flight Simulator 2002 add-on, with 29 new features added to the other 25 new of v1.10, an extended User’s Manual, an improved Navigation Database tool and the support for third party developers through a new SDK. Our customers will welcome the addition of our EZConfig tool to add Flight Line Avionics to any aircraft with a simple point-and-click!

We are also publicly releasing a GPS Navigation Tutorial exclusively available for download from Featured as a highly illustrated 40 pages manual, it will guide the virtual pilot through all of the main features of the GPS and the Radios. This practical tutorial includes a situation file and a sample flight plan that will take you from Meigs to Oshkosh.

Reality XP Flight Line Avionics gives you a fully interactive avionics stack featuring the UPS-AT advanced GPS GX 50 with moving map, SL30 next-generation Nav/Comm, SL70 Mode A/C transponder with altitude alerting feature and a full audio panel. With Flight Line Avionics you'll be flying a simulated avionics package capable of providing the same features and benefits as the real avionics package. The Reality XP Flight Line Avionics package is so realistic that pilots can use it as a training tool to familiarize themselves with the workings of the actual equipment. Each button and knob is fully functional and performs identically to its real-world counterpart. The system even creates audio and visual alerts, like the actual avionics.

Pricing and Availability
The Reality XP Flight Line Avionics is available to download for Flight Simulator 2002. For more information, consult the Reality XP Web Site at

About Reality XP

Reality XP is a company focused in designing quality products for the Flight Simulation Industry. With its first release, the Flight Line Avionics, the company’s vision is: “more than hobby, it is a passion” The company can be found on the World Wide Web at: