Avoid the risk

Pirated software increases the risk for viruses, spyware, adware, and other malice. Avoiding the pirates is the best way to avoid these risks. Here are some guidelines to protect yourself and your organization:

  • Always buy your software from Reality XP or a reputable Reality XP Authorized Reseller.
  • If you receive an offer from a reseller and the name of the software doesn't sound right, visit reality-xp.com for a comprehensive list of authentic Reality XP software.
  • Ensure all new software comes with a license agreement, original disks (for products sold in boxes), and authentic packaging. Keep the original receipt and invoice as proof of purchase.
  • Always register your product.
  • Don't buy software labeled "Education Version" or "Education" unless you are a faculty member or student of an accredited educational institution that has an agreement with Reality XP. If you qualify for educational software, purchase it from an Reality XP Education Authorized Reseller.
  • Don't buy software labeled "For Bundles Only" without the appropriate hardware.
  • Don't buy individual software titles that were originally bundled as part of a "Collection."
  • Avoid compilations of multiple software titles from different publishers on a single disk or multiple Reality XP software titles on a single disk. Please check reality-xp.com for titles on authentic Reality XP Collections, Suites, or special bundles.
  • Check the End User License Agreement before making any purchase.
  • Do not buy downloadable software except at the Reality XP Store. This is the only authorized way to purchase Reality XP software through download.
  • Be wary of phrases like "for backup purposes only," "cannot be registered," or "for educational purposes only."
  • If the software has already been registered and the license holder cannot provide you with a transfer of ownership, the transfer is illegal, and you will not be able to legally use or register the software. Read more about how to legally transfer your software license.